Jukka Lahtinen
Jukka Lahtinen
Come on, play with my face!

Jukka Lahtinen

My name is Jukka Lahtinen. I am a web designer and e-commerce specialist from Tampere, Finland. I am also a musician, friend, podcaster, a son and a father to a rescue cat called Merikissa (trans. ocean cat).

I currently work for a e-commerce platform provider called MyCashflow designing webshops. I used to work as a customer support specialist for another e-commerce platform provider called Vilkas. Back then I also created a couple of ePages-themes and responsive layouts for shops.  I also work as a freelancer to extend my knowledge on web design by building custom websites on WordPress.

I am known for playing in a shoegaze band called Mumrunner. I quit in the fall of 2017. I still play music with my soloproject Poniajelu and my new band called MYYY. I have been writing music blogs for several years under the names of weneverstoodachance,  #KOVAAPASKAA   and now my new blog here I am also one of the hosts of a podcast called Lahtinen Malila Kunnas Experince.

I have been a entrepreuner for over ten years and have been running small businesses from a webshop to a record label. I really love life now-a-days. Simple things like listening to podcasts while doing dishes. My hobbies include playing roller derby. I also like walking to random places hoping to find random experiences and random things to see.


If you need help with a website, a new layout for your webshop, or want me to work with you on a song, don’t be afraid to contact me. I won’t bite, but please send me a message before calling because I rarely answer.